Гарантиія якості

The Chairs provides 24 months guarantee. Conditions:

  • customer assembly the goods by the instruction that is given;
  • the product has been used for its intended purpose;
  • guarantee applies to product that is defected by manufacturer or were damaged during transportation;

  • if customer gets furniture in bad quality, we are responsible for replacing it or we refund money paid for the product.

Guarantee does not cover damages if:

  • the goods have been damaged due to the fault of the buyer;
  • furniture was damaged because of Force majeure;
  • furniture was used and naturally worn off.

If you have complains please contact us by e-mail info@thechairs.lt. Please send a written claim and defected furniture’s photos. During the warranty time our company will replace damaged furniture or refund money. We will fix damages in 15-60 working days from the date that we receive the claim.

Defected goods are replaced or refunded in accordance of Lithuanian law "return and exchange rules, approved in 2001. June 29. Minister of Economy No. 217th".